Termite Control Procedures

To lower the risk of Termite infestation at your property, you need ongoing inspections, protection and prevention.
  • Cairns Termite Specialists, is solely dedicated to Termite Professional control procedures
  • We provide Termite management advice & assistance to building owners.
  • This service emerged from our half-century of experience in managing Termites.
  • We focus on Inspections, Prevention & Treatments for termites to all properties.
  • We recommend and provide scheduled 6 or 12 monthly  Termite inspections.
  • Cairns Termite Specialists set the standards in Termite control in Cairns by sheer thoroughness with our inspections And our quick follow-through with affordable quotations, recommendations and treatments.
  • You owe it to yourself to obtain a professional Termite inspection before you commit to any property purchase. "Timber Pest Inspection"
  • A Termite report from our team is your guarantee of being fully informed on all details before you commit to purchase.
  • After hours service is available.

Termite control is not a DIY project. Leave it to the professionals.

Termite Treatments

In the event of Termite or 'white ant' infestations, Cairns Termite Specialists perform premium services to control existing, and prevent future threats to your property.
Termite Treatments


  • Physical barriers.
    This is when you can place an obsticle in the path of termites forcing them to retract from the direction. Example is an ant cap on the foundation piers. 
  • Chemical barriers.
    These are installed by drilling through concrete to reach the soil underneath or trenching the perimeter dirt areas to allow the distribution of Termiticides.
  • Colony elimination systems and monitor stations.
  • Nest detection and destruction - drilling trees as needed to locate nests.
  • Dust treatment to workings and/or nests (transfer effect).
  • Removal of nests.