Application Certificate

Application Certificate of Termite Treatments

Application Certificates and Inspection Report Summary are issued from the company office. Not at the time of Inspection or Treatment.

Certification of Treatment:
  • Outlines Termiticide usage and the areas applied to.
  • States the active ingrediant and the % of application rate.
  • Life expectancy or Termiticide
  • Notification of regular inspections
  • A notice is attached  inside the electric meter box on the day of completion. notifying of all these factors.
  • A detailed plan is only issued to the client. No maps or diagrams are displayed on the building.
  • Free service periods are only found on your Service Agreement, that you have signed prior to commencement of the treatment program.
  • $2,000,000 warranty is not noted on the building
  • $2,000.000 warranty is listed seperatley
  • Warranty and Free service periods cease at change of property ownership.
Inspection Report Summary:
  • Everything pertaining to the treatment is found on the inspection report.
  • This is not a report that can be used in any way for sale purposes.
  • This report should be kept for showing the follow on inspector to assist him in knowing the history of the premises.
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