Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are a specialized service performed by an accredited inspector. Years of experience is paramount.

Known for their exhaustive investigations and attention to detail, our Termite control technicians are the best equipped in Cairns to deal with the threat of Termites. All properties should be inspected at least annualy.Prior to a real estate investment involving existing buildings, it's imperative that you arrange for a Termite Inspection. We can arrange for a Structural Building Inspection also.

Due to the tenacious nature of this pest, keeping your property safe from Termites requires thorough Termite inspections every 12 months.
  • Termite inspections are recommended at 6 month or 12 month intervals.
  • Inspections are the surest way to avert damage before it becomes severe.
  • We will assist you to perform your own check at regular intervals, and advise on non-chemical methods of Termite control.
  • We investigate all conducive aspects in and around your building.
  • Should active Termites be discovered, Cairns Termite Specialists will provide recommendations and a treatment proposal.
  • An inspection by Cairns Termite Specialists will verify if Termite activity is present in your home.
  • This procedure, first and foremost, ensures that all activity is located.
  • Inspections are crucial in establishing a method of control
Identifying the species is most important.

The property owner does not need to know what species of termite is attacking the house but will be informed on what species are located so that they understand each species has many different attributes, behaviours and implications of treatment.The following is a short list of some important referances to consider before, during and after the Inspection.

  1. Location and the intensity of numbers of termites.
  2. Which species is present.
  3. Are there more then one species present.
  4. What are the food source preferances.
  5. What is the food source.
  6. Is food source softwood or hardwood
  7. What conditions are increasing the rate of attack.
  8. Where is their water source.
  9. Can a nest be discovered
  10. Where is the nest either positively or suspected to be.
  11. Is the species a hardwood or softwood preferred species
  12. Is the species a hardwood species ony.
  13. Is there concealed entry points.
  14. Is a nest or sub nest likely to be within the structure
  15. Estimate the duration of time in the structure.

The list goes on and everthing has to be considered during the Inspection, Reporting, Recommendations and Treatments. Unless all detail is gathered it would be impossible to advise on what Treatment should be carried out.Every Termite attack has to be addressed upon its own merits. No two attacks are the same.



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Pre-Purchase Inspection (Termites)

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Once you have decided to purchase a property the first inspection you require is the "Timber Pest Report To Buyer".  You may have this report before you sign a contract or after a signature with a clause inserted, "Subject To'. We allow you the option of an inspection prior to a building engineers inspection, or we can combine both at the same time. It is advantageous for you to have our prefered Engineer inspect your property as both inspectors have a good working relationship where each can discuss the building construction as this has a major bearing on the information that we can supply you with in regard to termite attack or prevention measures. Photos ilustrate interesting pionts about termite control.

What our inspections cover.
  • The entire property including fences.
  • All accessable areas. ( As defined by the building code)
  • Termite activity
  • Possible termite activity
  • High risk regions listed
  • Conducive conditions listed
  • Incorrect building issues that create risk
  • Any need for more invasive investigation.
  • List areas that we deem you should consult with a building Engineer.
  • Advise on preventative measures.
  • Advise on situations that may cost you money in a short distance in time.
  • Supply recommendations for control measures should there be activity.
Scope of the Report.
  • Client must sighn the terms and conditions before the inspection. ( Pre-Inspection Agreement)
  • Scope of the report is detailed in Pre Inspection Engagement Document
  • Work Place Health & Safety will be paramount.
  • Purchaser agrees to indemnify against damage  due to inspection procedures.
  • This is a visual inspection only.
  • The disclaimers throughout the document  relate to the scope of the report.
  • The pronouncement on safety to enter or proceed to any point is entirely the Inspectors decision. No compromise allowed.
  • No animals to be present at time of inspection. Condition negotiable.
  • Purchaser or agent must inform the Vendor that the inspector will not remove his safety shoes. This is a non negotiable condition.
  • The Owner/Vendor or Agent must be present at all times.
  • No verbal accounts will be directed to any party.
  • Owner/Vendor or Agent must assist by relaying information relevant to the situations that the inspector asks of them. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on the report. Statements proven to be false will have a very heavy impact negatively on the report.
Company Gains.

We do not recommend any control measures unless there is a 100% need for this to occur. This is our commitment to honest direct reporting procedures.
We have no personal affiliazation with BJP constructions in family or Business dealings.
Outside trade contractors, and tradespersons, we know and recommend are not connected in any business dealings or commissions with this company.