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Letter from the Director

Letter from John O'Grady

Everyone who works for Cairns Termite Specialists is committed to a set of non-negotiable standards of behaviour established in our Code of Business Conduct.

In becoming the best in the business, we make use of the resources of major chemical companies and add our considerable expertise, experience, local knowledge and quality control that persists uncompromisingly.

We have a proud history of delivering outstanding products and services, developing and implementing technical and application design improvements along the way.

Our principles extend further than production and technology to include our employees. We combine and interlink the experience and expertise of our personnel to structure the preeminent team.

Our unrelenting efforts over the years have been acknowledged countless times and we are grateful to all who have highlighted our commitment to quality in their testimonials.

You can be assured that at Cairns Termite Specialists we value our relationship with you, today and tomorrow.

John O'Grady
Cairns Termite Specialists

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About Cairns Termite Specialists

Cairns Termite Specialists

Cairns Termite Specialists’ commitment to providing quality services has been a driving force from our earliest beginnings.

We always perform Inexpensive and Affordable Services in a Professional manner.

With over 55 Years’ experience, this company is very proficient in all facets of Termite Control.

Our services include Inspections, Recommendations, Reports, Prevention and Control of infestations. Plus, continuing yearly Maintenance.

We are renowned for our efficient and effective solutions in domestic situations. We Have also contributed with prodigious success to the commercial, industrial, tourism and hospitality industries.

Cairns Termite Specialists focuses on all Termite control trials and advice for property owners regarding management of Termites. Services include Termite inspections including reports prior to property investment, also 6 and 12 monthly Termite inspections of any premises, located in domestic, commercial, or industrial situations.

After hours services are available. Enquires welcome anytime.

Company History

 Cairns Termite Specialists is an independently owned and locally operated business established in 1989

Cairns Termite Specialists is an independently owned and locally operated business established in 1989.

John O’Grady the principal Termite Engineer, is a pest control industry professional with half a century's experience, including Insect pest control, Termite control, fumigation, weed control, tree surgery, aerial spraying and marine applications. Having studied entomology in Sydney, John values staff training and qualifications.

Cairns Termite Specialists exceeds the regulatory requirements with continual updates to its procedures and ongoing comprehensive training. This company is a fully accredited Termite control company with all relevant licences and insurances, including workplace health and safety compliance.

Word of mouth recommendations for our Termite control services have been the utmost key to our success within the Cairns region. The superiority and value for money aspects of our services are fundamental in all that we do.

When you secure the services of Cairns Termite Specialists, you will be attended to by the best in the business.

Company Philosophy

To deliver inexpensive quality service is our philosophy at Cairns Termite Specialists.

Inexpensive quality service

Our Values & Core Capabilities

We are uncompromising about the highest standards of ethical behaviour and honesty, also the preservation of the safety and health of employees, customers and the environment.

Our ability to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction is founded on detailed understanding of our clients' needs. Cooperation and teamwork are the hallmarks of our operation.

Behind our market-leading position at Cairns Termite Specialists is a team of dedicated professionals who are at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

At Cairns Termite Specialists, we have built a loyal customer base that relies on our efficiency, professionalism and outstanding communications.

Cairns Termite Specialists is committed to delivering services correctly and on time. We have an outstanding record of complete customer satisfaction aligned with our world-class delivery performance.

Environmental sustainability is a core element of our business philosophy at Cairns Termite Specialists. We focus on innovative products that are sensitive to nature. This is evident in our proactive shift from EC compounds to alternatives, including Synthetic Pyrethroid compounds, and the introduction of non-poison baits and hormone Termiticides. Our initiatives include two new work standards - "Non-Pesticide Termite Solutions" and "Reduced- Risk Pesticide Program".

Servicing Areas - Cairns to Gordonvale to Palm Cove, Goldsborough, Aloomba to Babinda, & Kuranda